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In the world of aesthetics, there is now a greater understanding about what contributes to ageing of the face. It’s not just about lines and wrinkles; it’s about volume loss.

There is also descent of the brow, loss of skin elasticity, facial asymmetry and even loss of skull density. In our youth the cheekbones are high and well defined, and the jaw line is also well defined, yet soft. This is called “The Triangle of Youth”. The triangle of youth refers to the widest point of the face. In a young person this is across the top of the cheeks, with the narrow point of the triangle at the chin.

However, in a mature adult, due to the ageing process, this triangle is reversed and the widest part becomes the jaw line.  This is known as the 'pyramid of age.'  This is due to volume loss in the cheeks, fat pad separation and loose skin, all of which cause jowls. As we age, our skin structure changes: it becomes thinner, the collagen and elastin break down and we lose hyaluronic acid, all of which create lines and wrinkles.  

This can start in our 30’s, and as we reach our 40’s, bone reabsorption takes place and the face can appear longer with noticeable volume loss to the cheeks, the appearance of nasolabial lines (from nose to mouth) and the corners of the mouth may start to droop causing a sad appearance. People often also comment that their top lip seems to be “disappearing.”


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