Vascular conditions

Cherry Hemangioma

A cherry hemangioma is a benign growth composed of blood vessels. They look like small reddish spots. They are very common — most people have them on their torso, face, and sometimes elsewhere on the body. They respond very well to Yag laser and pulsed light therapy. 


Vacular Yag laser, BBL.

Broken capillaries (spider veins or telangiectasia)

Broken capillaries can be the result of sun exposure, genetics or rosacea. Many tiny blood vessels become more visible on the surface of the skin. This is usually common on cheeks, nose and chin area. Although harmless, they can become embarrassing and increasingly hard to hide with makeup. This condition can be successfully treated with lasers and pulsed light.


(BBL, Vascular Yag laser,skin care regimen.

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