Unwanted Hair

In today’s society, the aesthetic preference is to having as little visible hair as possible. It has been observed that individuals with dark hair or pigmentation are likely to be hairier than those with a lighter pigmentation or blonde hair.

People typically have hair almost everywhere on the body, except on the nails and eyeballs. Thus, women do have facial hair, but it is usually only fine hair or peach fuzz.

Unwanted facial hair can become an embarrassing beauty concern for women, especially when they age and their estrogen levels change due to menopause.

Issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), other hormonal conditions, use of certain medications, or adrenal gland disorders can cause unwanted facial hair.

At Bellissima, we offer technology that is the new standard in laser hair removal. The "Soprano ICE" solution is painless, quick, efficient and can be used on all skin types, year round, and even when tanned! ICE technology minimises the risk of skin burns while maintaining the heat in the dermis as to destroy the hair follicle.


Laser Diode (Soprano ICE),  pulsed light BBL, laser 1064 Yag (Sciton), waxing.

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